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2012 News

July 2012- LWA Users Meeting

Albuquerque, NM
July 26 & 27, 2012

March 2012 - Cycle 2 Call for Proposals is out

Relevant information and the full call is posted at the Proposals page. Deadline for proposals is now June 22, 2012 (was June 15 but we slipped one week to allow for people at the AAS meeting to submit proposals).

March 2012 - The LWA1 is now a University Radio Observatory

Support for operations and continuing development of the LWA1 is provided by the National Science Foundation under grant AST-1139974 of the University Radio Observatory program.

January 2012 - First Results from the Long Wavelength Array

First Results from the Long Wavelength Array were presented in January 2012 at the AAS meeting in Austin, TX and at the URSI meeting in Boulder, CO. Summary:

  • LWA1 is an operational, world-class instrument.
  • There are many opportunities for discovery: pulsars, transients, cosmology…
  • LWA1 is not only a pathfinder for a large N array – it actually is one.
For details go to the Meetings page.