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2007 News


Virgina Tech and University of Iowa join the LWA Project in July 2007.


LWA Executive Project Director hired.

Dr. Lee J. Rickard was hired at UNM in April 2007 in the position of Executive Project Director for the Long Wavelength Array (LWA). Lee J. was formerly at the Naval Research Lab, and is a well respected scientist who has published in both ionospheric and astronomical journals. Lee J. will be establishing the LWA Project Office on South Campus at UNM.

The two LWA Directors - Left: Lee J. Rickard, Executive Project Director and Right: Greg Taylor, Scientific Director - at a party celebrating Lee J.'s arrival.

Site Testing for LWA Stations

The first overnight RFI testing at potential LWA stations took place at the VLA North Arm and Magdelena sites during June 25-27, 2007.

"Campsite" just off the North Arm of the VLA includes a tent, one of the Big Blade antennas plus the new trailer - June 25, 2007. As a member of the team to select sites for the LWA stations, UNM graduate student Frank Schinzel is reviewing maps while data on Radio Frequency Interference are being recorded by computer inside the trailer at a location in the northern part of the Plains of St.Augustine in Socorro County. The signals are picked up by the blade antenna in the front right of the picture.

First RFI Testing of potential sites

Testing for radio interference at potential sites for other LWA stations began in December 2006.

Testing at the Twin Peaks site - located north of US 60 and west of the North arm of the VLA. U-Haul truck with test equipment, big blade antenna infront and power supply equal red item in field to the right. December 15, 2006.