Course material for my courses reside on Canvas, available to registered students. The descriptions of the most recently taught courses are listed below.

Spring 2024

ASTR 537 Advanced Astrophysics II: Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium
This is a graduate level course on the basic physical processes and principles of chemical reactions occurring in the interstellar medium. Atoms and molecules play a fundamental role of the structure and evolution of astronomical objects. In this course the essential processes controlling abundances of atoms and molecules in diffuse gas will be introduced, as well as how the atoms and molecules interact with radiation. The focus will primarily be on the interstellar matter, but many of the same processes are important in the atmospheres of stars and planets, comets, circumstellar matter, the early Universe and Active Galactic Nuclei. Included course topics: Previous semesters

ASTR 421 Concepts of Astrophysics I: Stellar Structure and Evolution
Astronomy 421 is intended for advanced (senior level) undergraduates and is also counted as an elective for graduate students. This course covers stellar structure and evolution, including stellar atmospheres. We will discuss details of the physics of self-gravitating stellar objects (stars, binary stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes), and how to use observations to derive information of their physical parameters. To form the foundation for understanding stellar physics we will use concepts from classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and relativity.

ASTR 423 Radio Astronomy:
Astronomy 423/539 is intended for advanced (senior level) undergraduates and is also counted as an elective for graduate students. This course covers concepts of radio astronomy. We will discuss the radiation mechanisms producing emission in astrophysical object at radio and mm-wavelengths. A large part of the course is focused on learning how we detect signals and analyze them with radio telescope instrumentation including interferometric arrays.

ASTR 422/538 Concepts of Astrophysics II: Galaxies and Cosmology
Astronomy 422/538 is intended for advanced (senior level) undergraduates and graduate students. This course covers galaxies and the Universe, starting off with the interstellar medium. We will then discuss the structure of the Milky Way and other galaxies, galaxy evolution, up through the large scale structure of the Universe. The last part of the course will concentrate on cosmology, and the early Universe.