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7  Observing with the LWA1

The first set of shared-risk observations and commissioning observations are under way. A call for proposals for the general community will be made during Spring 2012.

7.1  Proposing

An invitation for observing with the LWA1 late 2012 will be issued during Spring 2012. For this call, the LWA1 will be operated under a shared risk agreement.

Proposal information will be available on the LWA web pages

7.2  Observing schedule file

The user will be responsible for producing an observing schedule file, with the LWA1 Session Definition GUI. This is a python-based GUI, which requires the LWA Software Library (LSL) to be installed. Information on how to download these software can be found at the following pages:

Session Schedules:

7.3  Data reduction

The LWA Software Library (LSL) can be used for working with LWA1 data. LSL consists of python routines and demo scripts that:

With the LSL FITS writer, you can thus transfer you data to another program of your choice. For more details, and information about how to download and install LSL, please consult the LSL web page:

7.4  Publication Policy

The LWA Project has been and will be a collaborative effort. In order to recognize the contributions of the entire collaboration involved in construction to the project in an equitable fashion we adopt the following publication policy: All peer-reviewed papers and edited books making use of commissioning data from the LWA1 Radio Observatory shall have "opt-in" authorship. What this means in practice is that the first author for a publication should submit a draft to a member of the LWA1 Radio Observatory Publication Board and then wait a minimum of two weeks time before submission during which the LWA1 Director disseminates a copy of the abstract plus instructions for responding to all relevant individuals and institutions. For a full policy description please read the LWA1 Publication Policy document

All publications (making use of commissioning data or otherwise) should include the following line in the acknowledgements: “Construction of the LWA has been supported by the Office of Naval Research under Contract N00014-07-C-0147. Support for operations and continuing development of the LWA1 is provided by the National Science Foundation under grant 1139974 of the University Radio Observatory program.”

As of this date all telescope modes are considered to be producing commissioning data. Data supplied to Users in response to specific proposals will have a proprietary period of 1 year from the date of observation.

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