LWA1 Observation Preparation Directions and Hints


LWA1 is observing by reading commands from a text file called a Session Definition File (SDF). The SDF consists of a series of 'observations'. For the LWA1 control system, an 'observation' is defined as observing a source for a set of time. That is, if you are observing several sources immediately after each other, they each constitute an 'observation'.

Before scheduling your observations, please read through the current known constraints and issues with the LWA1. More scheduling hints are available at the end of this page.

How to work with the SessionGUI

  1. Installing and starting SessionGUI: The SessionGUI is a tool for preparing SDFs. This is a python-based GUI, which requires the LWA Software Library (LSL) to be installed. After installation, to open the SessionGUI run the 'sessionGUI.py' program.

    Information on how to download the LSL and SessionGUI software can be found at:
    LSL: http://fornax.phys.unm.edu/lwa/trac/wiki/
    Session Schedules: http://fornax.phys.unm.edu/lwa/trac/wiki/SessionGUI

  2. Creating a new SDF:
  3. Checking your SDF:
  4. Save and submit your SDF:
  5. Find your observations in the LWA Database:

  6. Hints for making LWA1 schedules: