LT001 Observing the Transient Universe with the First LWA Station
Taylor, G.,

We plan to build a Prototype All Sky Imager (PASI) and use it to image the sky with the first LWA 
station.  This includes  software correlation; automatic excision of bad data, such as that contaminated 
by RFI; the formation of wide field images; and searching for transient sources by comparing the 
images (and/or visibilities) with a known sky model. All of these tasks are computationally expensive 
so we have obtained external funding and are in the process of assembling a powerful computer 
cluster.  We expect to be able to correlate up to 256 antennas at a modest bandwidth (50-100 kHz) 
available from the TBN outputs on the first station.   Considerable effort will be needed to develop 
the software correlator, and transient detection software.  As soon as TBW is available we can 
synthesise a sample dataset and begin the software development.  Once TBN is available we can 
begin taking data with even a small number of antennas. Planned usage is 24/7/365.