LS001 Single Dispersed Pulses
Simonetti, J.,

Single dispersed radio pulses are expected to be produced by a number of potential, often exotic 
sources. Examples include the explosion of primordial black holes (PBHs), the topological phase 
transition of a PBH in the presence of an extra spatial dimension, the cusping of a superconducting 
cosmic string, and compact object mergers. Some of these events would also produce a burst of 
gravitational waves.  We propose a source-agnostic search for such single dispersed radio pulses to 
set new limits on the existence of such phenomena.  These limits can have impact on physical 
theories of a fundamental nature. Observations can begin as soon as DRX beamforming mode 
becomes available with at least one stand.  The proposed observations should result in data sufficient 
to improve existing event rate-volume limits by at least three orders of magnitude.  We also plan to 
compare our data with gravity wave observations by LIGO.