LR001 Low Frequency Studies of Radio Pulsars
Ray, P.,

We propose to make low frequency observations of pulsars using LWA-1. These are important early 
science observations, which are not very sensitive to many difficult calibration issues such as the 
beam shape, spectral response, polarization response, and system stability. Simple detection will be 
an important step in LWA-1 commissioning since it will test the array phasing, frequency to channel 
mapping, and data unpacking software.  Once that is accomplished, LWA-1 will be able to measure 
the integrated spectra and mean pulse profile of several pulsars over the full 2080 MHz band.   
These two experiments (particularly when combined with data from higher frequencies) will shed 
light on the poorly understood pulsar emission mechanism and the geometry of the emitting region 
(Eilek, Hankins, & Jessner 2005, ASP Conf. Ser. 345, 499).