LP002 Multi-frequency Large Scale Sky Surveys with LWA1
Polisensky, E., emil.polisensky@nrl.navy.mil

We propose conducting multi-frequency large scale sky surveys of the Galactic background emission 
with the LWA1. Large area sky and spectral index maps are necessary for studying sources of 
Galactic and extragalactic emission, for precise subtraction of foreground emission for high redshift 
HI mapping, and measuring absorption by Galactic HII regions. With its broad operating bandwidth 
of 10-88 MHz and sky coverage of declinations greater than -40 degrees the LWA1 is ideally suited 
for low frequency surveys. Our program of observations is divided into 3 phases: 4 days of drift scan 
observations with a single antenna; 4 days for a pilot survey with the 10-20 dipoles of the limited 
system after the DRX becomes available; and 28 days of observations with the full system. The 28 
days are divided into monthly observing epochs of 4 days each over a 7 month period.