LP001 Carbon Radio Recombination Lines in the Cygnus Arm
Pihlstrom, Y., ylva@unm.edu

We propose to use the LWA1 to search for carbon radio recombination lines (RRLs) in three bright 
sources located in the Cygnus Arm. A detection of those low frequency transition will a) provide new 
information about the ionization states in these objects, and b) prove the capabilities of LWA1, and in 
the future LWA, as a spectral line instrument. We have selected one HII region and two supernova 
remnants which presumable contains large amounts of ionized gas. The project will be conducted in 
two stages: 1) Testing the observational setup and data reduction procedures using the limited system 
by integrating for a few hours towards Cas A, confirming the known RRL absorption lines, and 2) 
Performing the scientific observations of the three targes using the full system with 256 dipoles. We 
will provide a report on spectral line observing, software producing FITS files from DRX 
observations, and finally scientific papers after all data has been taken.