LH001 Continuing measurement of the Cas A / Cyg A flux ratio
Hartman, J., hartman@nrl.navy.mil

We propose monthly monitoring of the Cas A / Cyg A flux ratio.  The total low-frequency flux density of the 
Cas A supernova remnant was recently confirmed to differ from the standard emperical decay rate and 
possibly exhibit periodic variations.  Continuing measurements of its low-frequency flux density are necessary 
to understand its ongoing evolution.  This program of observation is divided into two phases: one using the 
LWDA backend as a correlator and closely following our previous methods of observation; and the other using 
the BFUs when they become available.  In addition to its scientific interest, Cas A / Cyg A monitoring will play 
a major role in the commissioning of the LWA1, in particular the characterization of the antenna pattern, beam 
shape, and calibration stability.