LE002 Crab Giant Pulses
Ellingson, S., ellingson@vt.edu

The Crab Pulsar intermittently produces single pulses having intensity orders of magnitude greater 
than those of the normal periodic emission.  Despite extensive observations and study, the mechanism 
behind Crab giant pulses (CGPs) remains mysterious.  Progress on this question may rely on study of 
the CGP emission at low radio frequencies, which is currently only very sparsely explored.  A CGP 
project can begin on LWA-1 as soon as DRX beamforming mode becomes available with at least 10 
stands.  We will first conduct a series of observations with the LWA-1 "Limited System" in order to 
confirm our ability to reliably detect CGPs.  We will then continue to observe with the increased 
sensitivity of the LWA-1 "Full System" in order to improve estimates of spectral index and pulse 
intensity statistics.  These observations will also support development of techniques for ISM studies, 
external triggering, and real-time detection of CGPs.