LC003	   Passive Meteor Scatter using the Long Wavelength Array
Close, S. (Stanford), 

We propose using the LWA for prototype passive meteor radar and lunar
imaging to study two aspects of meteoroid processes. The passive
meteor radar mode will employ the ASI-mode to examine meteor trails
using passive illumination from TV at VHF. When the correct LWA mode
becomes available, we also propose tracking the moon looking for
microsecond-length ElectroMagnetic Pulses (EMP) generated by meteoroid
strikes. These proposed observations offer a unique opportunity to
focus on 3 scientific questions, including 1) examining the radar
scattering mechanism(s) yielding VHF bolide head- and trail-echoes and
identify any unique EM signatures of these events, 2) get a better
determination of the radar rate of these large events relative to
optical rates and possibly cross-calibrate these rates, and 3) while
imaging the moon, locate any EMPs associated with the
10-centimeter-size (ie, bolide producing size) class objects that
impact the moon causing optical flashes.